Review: DogVacay

DogVacay is a service that connects Dog (and other pet) sitters with anyone looking to have their pet taken care of while they’re on vacation or away from their home. The service offers a number of different options including, boarding, sitting, day care, check-ins, and dog walking.

How it works

Dog owners looking for pet care sign up through the DogVacay website or app (Android or iOS). From there you can enter in your dates and location to see available sitters in your area. There is a map interface so you can see where all the potential sitters around you are located. You can refine your search with a number of different parameters including, maximum price, your dog’s weight, age, and whether the sitter has outdoor space. There are also a few health related options for pets that need extra care such as weather the owner is Pet CPR certified or is able to administer medication.

Once you find a sitter in your area that you’re interested in you can click on their profile to read more information about them, and see the full lists of services they offer. Some sitters offer extra services like baths for an extra fee. From there you can reach out to the sitter to request to book their service or request a meet and greet.

What are the different Services offered?

I’ve broken down the services offered into two categories the main services they offer and the add on offers that some of the sitters offer.

Primary Services

Boarding – Boarding is what is sounds like you take you dog to the sitters house and they take care of your pet. DogVacay does a good job of letting you know the conditions at the sitters place. It shows you at least three photos of the sitters home, let’s you know how many hours a day the pet will be left alone if any, the maximum number of dogs the sitter takes at a given time and even how many bathroom breaks the dog will get each day.

Sitting – Sitting is similar to boarding however the sitter comes to your home instead of your dog going to their place. Typically this is more expensive for convenience and the fact that the sitter can only take care of one pet per night.

Check-Ins – For those just looking for someone to stop by and feed your dog and let them out to use the facilities this is another option provided.

Daycare – If you need someone to look after your dog during the day this service lets you drop off your pet in the morning and pick them up in the evening.

Walks – For owners just looking for a dog walker to take your dog for a walk this is the service for you. Sitters list how long the walk will be in their profile. Most offer a half hour walk.

Add-On Services

Baths – A lot of the sitters offer bath’s for around $15 in my area. Seems like a nice bonus for anyone who doesn’t enjoy bathing their dog’s themselves.

Pickup/Drop Off – If you don’t have the time to drop off your pet for boarding or daycare there are sitters who will come to your place to pick up your pet for additional fee. These fees a dependent on how far the sitter has to travel.

How much does it cost

Sitters are free to set their own prices so depending on what the competition is like in your area prices vary. All payment are made through the Dog Vacay site or app. Accepted payment methods are any Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover with a billing address in the US or Canada. Apple Pay is also accepted on iOS. For those looking to give the pet owner in their family DogVacay as a present gift cards are offered through the DogVacay store.

Where is the service available?

At the time of posting DogVacay was has 60,000 sitters available across 8,000 cites. Currently the service is  available in the US and Canada

Becoming a sitter

For anyone who enjoys animals Dogvacy seems to be a good opportunity to earn some extra income. That said it’s probably not a viable way of earning a living on it’s own. Most sitters in my area are charging between $25 and $50 per pet per night for boarding and $40 and $100 for sitting. I can see this being a great fit for students who have some spare time, anyone who has a work from home job, stay at home parents, or retirees.

As sitter you get to set your own rates and can set your calendar for when you’re available. You also have a lot of control over the number, types and size of the dogs you accept.

DogVacay has a pretty straightforward process to sign up. You create a profile online for their team to review. Below are the items their website states are required before you can be approved.

  • Name– full first and last name.
  • Address– complete address including apartment number if applicable.
  • Profile Photo– clearly showing your face.
  • Listing Photos– 3 interior photos of your home.
  • Description– covering your pet care experience, what a Vacay with you will be like, and any expectations you have for your Guests. 

For more detailed information click here for the full overview of getting your profile approved.

Once you’re approved as a sitter you can start interacting with dog owners. Owners can contact you to either request to book or meet n’ great. As a sitter you have the option of accepting, rejecting or providing a custom quote. You’re responsible for making arrangement for access and the time of the day for pick-up or drop-off with the dog owner.

After you complete a booking payments are made one business day after the booking. DogVacay takes a 20% service fee from the host.


DogVacay seems like a great service for pet owners needing cost effective pet care. The selection of different services offered gives owners a flexible way of caring for their pets when they are away. Although I don’t have any have a dog myself I do have two rabbits and we often struggle to find someone to feed them when we’re away on weekends. I plan to try DogVacay’s check in service next time we go away.

For sitters this could who have a passion for animals this seems to be a good opportunity to earn some extra money while doing something they enjoy.

Have you tried DogVacay as either a dog owner or a sitter? If so what was your experience like?


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